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Welcome to The Write Choice!

 I'd love to write, but I just never have time.

We've all said it at one time or another. We have the best idea for a great new novel or short story that we'd love to write, but never seen to find the time or the motivation to do so. This community is founded on providing the moral support, cheerleading, and occasional tough love necessary to help you start writing (or start writing again).

Nobody wants to hear about my writing.

We do. We want to share advice and tips with other writers, get each other's opinions on writing style and plot arcs and other nitty gritty details that bore our non-writer friends to tears. We want to pick apart that last New York Times bestseller you just know you could have written better...if you put forth the effort. We want to gush with you about getting a story printed in a local magazine or even just finishing that novella that's been sitting on your laptop for years.

The Write Choice is a community for fiction writers of all kinds - beginning or published - who want a place to commiserate with fellow writers, encourage each other in our individual pursuits, and offer advice from our own experience. Whether you're writing a paranormal romance novel or working on an artsy short story for a literary magazine, your input and opinions are valuable to our community. You can expect to find the following types of discussion posts at our community:

- Style and Grammar
- Plot Outlining
- Character Development
- Editing and Manuscript Revising
- Writing for a Genre
- Publication Resources
- Writing Time Management
- Writing Prompts and Creative Inspiration
- Weekly Progress Review
- Author Interviews

The Write Choice is not the place to post your work and receive feedback. We are very concerned for our members' copyright protection and their future ability to publish the stories they've worked so hard on, and for this reason we ask that members not post their stories or links to their stories on this site. Many publishers won't accept submissions that have previously been "published" before, even if only on a website for free. In addition we want to avoid the nasty but unfortunately not unheard of practice of plagiarism by another writer who might read your work here. Please note that The Write Choice is also not a free editing service. If you and another member have privately agreed to read and critique one another's work, we ask that you keep such discussions to personal messages and emails between yourselves.  Finally (and as much as we love fan fiction...) The Write Choice is only for discussion of original writing, not derivative works.

We know this isn't the first or only writing community on LiveJournal, but we could be your writing community. Being good at writing is a gift, but actually becoming a writer takes a choice. We hope you'll choose to write with us :)

Membership is moderated only to keep out the spambots. Please feel free to join and invite your writing friends!

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